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Privacy and Refund Policy * User Agreement

Privacy and Policy

This privacy policy applies to Fiducia LLC, which describes how we collect and use the PII (personally identifiable information) you provide on our website, You can access the information, update it, and see the choices available regarding our use of your PII. Your PII and financial information is confidential and is never misused, sold, or given on rent.

Information Collection and Use
Information collected from you is only in regards to preparing and electronically filing your tax returns. We only disclose your tax return information to appropriate government and financial institutions to file tax returns and comply with Internal Revenue Service requirements. All the data collected includes only required to prepare a tax return, such as Names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, Mailing address, Email address, and any Tax-related information (e.g., W-2s and 1099 forms).

Refund policy

For any reason, if you don’t wish to avail of the service after uploading the draft tax if the refund request is raised there will be a minimum fee of $19.99(in INR) for preparation charges, and the rest of the amount is refunded.